Pioneer LED Light Supplier in Abu Dhabi

a pioneer in specialized indoor and outdoor LED lighting furniture solutions

Glow Life Lighting LLC is a company of repute offering high quality, individual lighting solutions and exclusive finishing materials to complement modern living.
Our extensive experience, partnership with the best designers in the business and particular focus on top-quality components make your interiors come alive with enviable elegance with greater value for money.

We specialize in a comprehensive range of internal and external lighting solutions that serve to satisfy divergent needs of different customer segments. Our product range is designed primarily for hotels, restaurants and apartments but is not limited to them as we can cater to any specialized need there is. We design, develop, deliver and install all types of lighting, be it a hotel lobby, living room, bedroom or a banquet hall. Our unconventional and innovative concepts can bring in a refreshing new look to both classic, as well as contemporary interiors.

Our involvement with the most experienced creative designers enable us to maintain exclusivity and originality with our product lines ensuring every project match the investors' needs and often exceed their expectations.

We also ensure conformance with the most exacting quality standards. A thorough production control and monitoring system guarantees the customer the highest standards of quality and reliability as well as longer product life. A well integrated manufacturing facility with organized logistics support ensure promptness and competitive prices and this has earned us over the years the absolute trust of our valued customers.

Our customised lights shop in Abu Dhabi, UAE provides a comprehensive range of specialized indoor & outdoor LED lighting solutions, including:

  • Decorative lights
  • Pendant lights
  • Ceiling light fittings
  • Chandeliers
  • High bay lights
  • Street lights
  • Outdoor flood lighting
  • LED furniture light
  • LED candles


Seeing is believing and there is nothing better than taking a closer look at our incredible offerings to understand the exclusivity and uniqueness of our creations.