Solar Street Lights

Solar Street Lights

Light up the way the eco-friendly way, with sustainable street lighting from one of the leading light suppliers in Abu Dhabi and the UAE today - Glow Life Lighting.

We are the top street light suppliers in UAE

Glow Life Lighting is a comprehensive lighting solutions provider that supplies all variety of lights to clients in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and across the UAE. Our mission is to deliver lighting packages that minimise environmental footprint and energy consumption, while providing strong and consistent light for a long period of time. We are headquartered in Abu Dhabi, where we address client needs with precision, timeliness, and a customer-centred approach. Our cutting-edge designs come from some of the leading designers in the region, with whom we have partnered to create aesthetically sound lights and fixtures. Whether you are operating a restaurant or an industrial warehouse, we can confidently offer lighting packages that will perfectly meet your needs. We have street light solutions that can illuminate pathways, avenues, and streets with efficiency, while consuming less electricity than typical lighting counterparts. We have highly innovative solar street lights that absorb and store solar energy during the day to illuminate streets at night. With this technology integrated in streets across cities, carbon emissions can be reduced while enhancing the safety of public roads and driving conditions at night. Our solar street lights are developed to be durable and reliable despite the harsh climate of the UAE and can withstand the extreme effects of weathering in the region. With parts and components sourced from high quality suppliers, clients can rest assured our lighting fixtures will last a long time.

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Solar Street Lights